Games Right Meow
Proin elementum leo orci, in interdum augue sollicitudin sed.


If you came here expecting something else (like an indie game studio 😅) see the introductory blog post.

Stargate SG1 GIF of Vala telling Daniel "I'm going to go crazy and I'm taking you with me."

What's this meow? Well its a blog! About what you ask? Mostly video games and TTRPGs 🎲

The real question is, who am I? It's an about page after all, right? Well I've always been terrible about describing myself, so here are some fun facts:

  • My name is Alex
  • I love food
  • I'm a game developer turned technical writer
  • I indirectly worked for NASA once
  • I like cats (what a surprise right?!)
  • I can juggle three clubs
  • Did I mention I love food?

If you want to learn more, you can try emailing me, but I'll probably just reply with a GIF. But feel free to send comments and questions to:

contact [no bots plz] gamesrightmeow [mew] com

Note: I've used some super high-tech wizardry to obfuscate my email. If you can't figure it out, then you're probably a spambot and shouldn't be emailing me anyways.