Nodoku offers a brain-bending new way to play with numbers, kill time, and stay sharp. Use your mathematical super powers to discover additive sequences and solve clean, colorful, free-form line puzzles.

Snappy animations and transitions make this addictive, compulsively playable game ideal for quick plays on the bus or for marathon sessions while you binge Netflix. With 100+ handcrafted, deceptively simple levels, Nodoku is easy to learn, but tricky to master.

Privacy Policy

Updated July 26th, 2018

Nodoku is developed and published by Games Right Meow. Games Right Meow collects absolutely no personally identifiable information about our users without express consent. Nodoku does utilize some online services, and you should review how they are used below.

Unity Analytics: Nodoku utilizes Unity Analytics to track anonymous statistics related to app usage and installs. Examples of statistics gathered are what kind of device you are using, how much time you spend in the app, what features of the app you are using, which version of the app you are running, what city you live in, and more. Information which Games Right Meow has access to is completely anonymous, in that we can see that you are using the app, but we do not know who you are. Unity Analytics is governed by Unity’s own privacy policy, which you can view here.

To opt out of Unity Analytics, open the app and tap the “i” button on the title screen. Then under “Settings” tap the “Open Data Privacy Page” button.

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